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Thailand Robotics & Automation Cluster

Transforming Thai Industry
Through Automations

Cluster or Thailand Robotics and Automation Cluster or TRA2C, encompassing 40+ members at an early stage, has been promoted to raise the level of integration and industrial connection by the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) under Ministry of Industry since 2020. Its members are among groups of manufacturers, users and service providers of automation parts, products and solutions in Great Bangkok Area (including Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, and Samutprakarn) and Chonburi, and who aim to enhance the competitiveness of the industries globally.

Cluster development approach has been under the policy framework of the National Committee on Competitive Advantage (NCC) that the Thai government has initiated and continuously deployed and continues promotion and encouraging the integrated development and connectivity. This is one of mandatory initiatives taken as essential mechanism (since 2006) to boost competitiveness of industry and economy of Thailand. 

Cluster Geographic Locations:
1) Nonthaburi & Pathum Thani;
2) Bangkok – Samutprakark; and
3) Chonburi


Being a value-adding partners in this cluster to create competitiveness


Thailand Robotics And Automation Cluster (TRA2C) is a group of manufacturers, users and service providers of automation parts, products and solutions, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the industries globally.


1. Development of Products, Solutions and Services for Robotics and Automation Industry
2. Development of knowledge and business networks for Robotics and Automation Industry
3. Development by building business management capacity for Robotics and Automation Industry
4. Development of human resource and promotion of industrial Robotics and Automation Industry


Cluster Members

900+ MB

Combined Revenue in 2022


Areas of Expertise


Year of Operation

Our Expertises

Robotic Arm

Automation Solution


Mold & Die

Board of Directors

นายพชระ แซ่โง้ว

Mr.Phatchra Sae-Ngo

Cluster President
Unical Works Co., Ltd.

นายคณิศร์ พรหมช่วย

Mr.Kanit Promchuay

Cluster Executive
Paratech Polymer Product Co., Ltd.

นายวิฑูธ เวชสิทธิ์

Mr.Witoon Wetchasit

Cluster Executive
W.J. Technology Co., Ltd.

นายมนัส ศรีวานิชภูมิ

Mr.Manat Sriwanichpoom

Cluster Executive
Max Value Technology Co., Ltd.

น.ส.วุฒิลักษณ์ อาชานานภาพ

Ms.Wuthilak Achananuparp

Cluster Executive
Progress Electronic Co., Ltd.

Cluster Ecosystem

Cluster Ecosystem
Unical Pasho
Paratech Polymer
WJ Technology
Max Value Technology
Progress Electronic
PTW Technology
Union Apply
KS Lean Tek
ATA Inter Corporation
Kaihatsu Kaizen Engineering
BTP Industries
Quality Advantage
ชลเนตร พรีซิชั่น
Yongvis Engineering
Distar Fresh

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